Before we came to earth, we lived on other planets and star formations as light beings or in the Highest Light as creatures of light.

More than four billion years ago some of the high light beings and creatures of light made an agreement to contribute to the creation of the earth as a new step of creation.

One unit of light each set off and lived as an androgynous couple at its place of arrival. The next decisive step was to experience the ultimate separation and to live in duality as man and woman.

Here and now we are facing a new step of creation.

It is about encounter and reunification with our innate counterpart in order to live and work in the highest consciousness at the original location of the first arrival.

It does not matter if two women or two men or a man and woman meet. Each being her- or himself became an innate unit.

Two whole worlds reassamble.

„On a long journey this transcript that I now would like to pass on to humanity emerged from the deepest knowing of my heart“

Helene Gfeller

My intention: the net revenue of all books goes to the project „Places of Unity“.

These are venues that are going to be installed in the near future for people who are willing to experience their inner potential and contribute it to the world.


Helene Gfeller

Before We Came To Earth

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